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With universal sight base
  1. Remove butt stock from gun and clamp tang in vice.
  2. Open action and position sight in vertical position on tang with the sight as close to frame (forward position) as open bolt will permit.
  3. Mark tang through holes in sight base making sure that sight is centered on the tang and perfectly aligned vertically with barrel.
  4. Carefully center punch the two holes and drill with a #21 drill.
  5. Tap both holes, with a 10x32 tap and install sight with screws provided.
Helpful hints
  1. If sight is too tall, shorten by filing or grinding at points B, C and D on parts diagram until proper height is obtained. Preferably, so that when sight is at its lowest point the gun will be sighted in for the shortest range used. This always gives you a good place to start when changing elevation.
  2. To obtain more elevation, additional brass and/or internal star washers can be inserted between parts #1 and #4.
To adjust sights
  1. For Elevation- loosen knurled lock nut (part #5) and rotate elevation screw (part #6), each 1/2 turn equals 1/64 inch, Re-tighten lock nut.
  2. For Windage- loosen elevation screw housing (part #4) and slide entire upper assembly either way and re-tighten housing.





Important for all installations
  1. If sight is not exactly 90º to barrel (see drawing) carefully file part #2 (windage housing) at point "A" in parts list until it is .
  2. In some instances the barrels on lever guns are not exactly straight with the frame and tang. In this case, it may be necessary to insert a shim under one side or the other of the base of the tang sight to center it so that you will have an equal amount of windage adjustment on either side.

Tang sight installation